What is so special happy socks?

Happy Socks is a Swedish firm that makes hosiery, under garments, and swimsuit, between other clothing. Co-creators Mikael Sodrlindh and Victor Tell set up Happy Socks the corporation in 2008. The period of placing unexciting stockings under the Christmas tree have lengthy because approved. Considering that 2008, Happy Socks has created it their goal to distribute delight all around the world via the usage of brightly coloured stockings, along with the result is that the planet is starting to appear to be a very happy position indeed.

The Origin Story

In 2008, very long time buddies Mikael Soderlindh and Viktor Tell experienced a bit of an fixation with colourful socks, or “happy socks” as they referred to them at the time. This was the starting of what might become Happy Socks.

The audience of pals failed to waste any moment and promptly directed emails to in excess of 100 diverse companies, setting out their strategy to master the planet with colourful socks. Even so, only one man or woman responded.

The former visual designer brand and the advertising and marketing specialist walked back to their hotel after being informed of their opportunities and colour choices as a way to start the artistic method, which ultimately contributed to the creation of 100 special styles spanning three specific dimensions.

Ny City is definitely the spot of Satisfied Socks’ very first workplace in the United States. The company’s head office happen to be in Stockholm, Sweden. In January of 2019, the organization broadened its surgical procedures by opening a whole new place of work in Munich, Germany. As a consequence, all general profiles have become handled directly by the firm.

Happy Socks remains to be moving solid over 10 years after it was initially recognized. The company is renowned for its bright, striking, and amazing designs available for both men and women. Happy Socks includes a specialized customer base.

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