What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cash Micropayment ( 소액결제현금화)

Money Micropayments implicate on-line commerce deals for a tiny amount of money usually ranging from a number of pennies to a few dollars. Organizations are often prepared to promote immaterial merchandise including information for a small number of cash. However, the e-commerce Cash in micropayments (소액결제 현금화) challenge would be to keep marketing expenses low. There are several micropayment designs. Each technique has positives and negatives which will differ in line with the sort of buy and sell financial transaction and client get tastes.

1- Prepay Design

This process to micropayments usually takes the shape of a subscription that lets end users important to get a given period of time or amount of use. Improve settlement types include classifieds, games and social websites places. For instance, one particular on the internet social media organization enables pre-buy credits be used throughout its internet site and keeps 30 % of revenue for providing this advantage of other companies including app developers marketing items. Prepay advantages consist of gift certificates for customers with out charge cards and a purchase expense which is higher ample to safeguard company deal costs. Probable disadvantages are the demand for clients to cover a lump sum upfront and the necessity for a enhanced process by e-business enterprises to sign up private use and stay credits.

2-Postpay Model

With the postpay design, a lot of microtransactions are aggregated and seized once they happen. Probably the most observable trial samples are on the internet tunes product sales with expenditures behind several person tracks obtained. The postpay model continues to be related to the prepay product by some online businesses. As an illustration, a single firm aggregates micropayments but also provides gift certificates for prepayment. Postpay advantages are definitely the reduction of the upfront cost supply within the prepay model and the decrease in a lot more elevated transaction fees by mixing many smaller assets in to a larger 1. Disadvantages include the requirement of a feasible digital finalizing strategy to aggregate buys and a practical condition which allows a single microtransaction to occur when clients only desire to purchase one music.

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