Three easy ways to get permanent residency in Canada

When you decide to get a Canadian visa on your own, it can be a tasking and lengthy process to do. It might be due to the many forms you will be required to fill, submitting supporting documents, and the strict deadlines that you need to follow. But knowing the three easy ways to get Permanent Residency canada it might make the whole process easy for you as you plan to start your new life in Canada.

The three easy ways include:
• The provincial nominee program
• The express entry system
• Family sponsorship
The express entry system
It is a system that was started in 2015 to enable Canadian immigration to simplify and speed up the process for applicants from skilled foreigners who are willing to work as well as live in Canada. The good thing about this program is that you don’t have to be having a job offer in order to apply to it, with the processing time being less than six months. It makes it to be one of the simplest and easiest ways to get permanent residency in Canada.
The provincial nominee program
Its aim is to entice workers who are experienced to go to absolute provinces to fill the gap that might be in the Canadian labor market. There are particular territories and provinces which have specific jobs that have a very high shortage, meaning, if your job qualification is in high demand, then you stand a higher chance of being considered in that province for a permanent residency in Canada.
Family sponsorship
It is a program that allows those who are already citizens and permanent residents in Canada and over 18 years to be able to invite their common-law partner, spouse, dependent, or relative to come work and live in Canada.

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