The Best Natural Skin Whiteners In The Market

The exposure to harsh chemicals, toxic environment, irreverent and unhealthy lifestyle has to lead to several skin problems and one of them is darken-than-usual-skin tone. So here some simple products that are available in every home and work as excellent skin whiteners.

Rich in vitamin C, the lemon juice or the peel is an excellent skin whitener. It not only reduces excessive pigmentation but also helps in eliminating unwanted spots and blemishes. One just needs clean cotton pads dipped in the lemon juice freshly squeezed. Leave it on for 15 minutes and say goodbye to the blemishes, tan and lighten the skin colour. This must be done two times a week. However, lemon might irritate so please do a patch test before doing it.
Kojic Acid:
This is the power of a fungus grown in Asia. For a long time, this substance was used in Japan as an organic alternative to hydroquinone. It reduces skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation effectively. It inhibits the function of tyrosinase and is also an antioxidant; therefore, it is suitable for those who have sun-damaged skin.
It contains alpha-hydroxyl acids that aid in decreasing the effects of excessive pigmentation. One needs a to mix and lemon in equal measure and leave it on face and neck for at least 15 minutes twice a week for best results. Since it contains lemon juice, it advised doing a patch test.
Licorice extract:
Extracted from the licorice plant, this product has been used in Chinese medicine for various skin ailments. It contains glabridin which effectively absorbs UVA and UVB rays and works as an effective skin-whitening element.
These products are easily available in the market and are organic; therefore, they won’t cause serious damage to the skin like several skin treatments to do.

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