Simple steps in wine tasting

Before you can even think of pouring wine into your glass, look around, feel and make sure that the environment is very conducive to wine tasting. You should make sure that you did not just use a mouth wash, bake a cake, or even wore any fragrance, perfume, or cologne. When the environment is not that conducive, your wine tasting or wine degustations will not be productive. It will even be null and void. If you need to use any kind of light, make sure that you are using natural light. When everything is in place, you can proceed to do the wine tasting through the following steps

Observing the wine in the glass
The first step in wine tasting is observing the wine in the glass. This first step has nothing to do with how the wine taste. The only thing that you have to do is observe the wine first. Observing your wine will give you many clues and information about the wine. Through observing, you will know the climate, the alcohol content, the grapes used, and the age of the wine as well.
Smell the wine
The second step in wine tasting is smelling it. There are many ways through which one can smell the wine. The first way to smell your wine is through taking short-burst sniffs or you can decide to take one long whiff. When you are smelling your wine, take advantage of that moment to check for potential flaws. You will also know about the fruit aroma and the earthly evidence. Apart from that, you can know about spices and flowers present in the wine through smell. After smelling the wine, the next step is tasting it. When tasting, you can taste for balance, dryness, or sweetness of the wine experience as well.

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